Enrolling at Avoca Beach Preschool

We consider ourselves ‘’a home away from home’’ for the children in our care. Building community, compassion and curious mind

Enrolment process

Starting and finding care for your child is a big milestone and we encourage families to come in, meet the educators and our team and tour the service. We have an open-door policy for prospective families and welcome visits anytime. We urge you to connect with us to arrange a day and time that suits you and your child. On physical visits or enquiry contact through phone or email, we can take all your details to be placed on our waitlist to enroll. Our waitlist and enrolment works on priority of access (see further down) and once we have a placement in the room for your child, we will then contact you to complete our enrolment form pack which we will digitally send to you. (Paper copies can also be given).

Enrolment forms: Enrolment forms will be handed out once a confirmed spot has been allocated, offered and accepted.

Enrolment forms need to be fully completed and supporting documentation received along with enrolment fees to finalise enrolments …

Supporting documents: Along with completed enrolment forms, a copy of the child’s birth certificate and up-to-date immunisation record statements must be received by the service. Any relevant court orders and health management/medical plans need to be attached also.

Families need to ensure they have correct C.R.N numbers for both guardians and child.

Once a place at the service is allocated, families will need to ensure that the service is nominated on individual relevant Centrelink accounts to confirm Child Care Rebate is paid. If the service is not nominated, rebate will not be paid by the government, and full fees will be charged.

Current fees are charged per day at $113.00 rising to $115.00 in 2022.

On enrolment a refundable bond of $180, plus an administration charge of $60 (per child per year) is required.Accounts are expected to be kept 2 weeks in advance. To be paid either fortnightly or monthly.
A 2-week period of advance notice is required to drop days or unenroll a child.

Priority of access

Services must comply with family assistance Law. The priority of access guidelines are set out in the Child Care Benefit Determination 2000.
Positions must be offered and filled in order of priority; these are:
1) Child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
2) A child of a single parent or of parents who both satisfy the work, training, study test.
3) Any other child.


At Avoca Beach Preschool we acknowledge starting care is a momentous occasion for children and families. We aim to work together to make this as smooth a process as possible. 

We want you and your child to feel secure, confident and happy. To support this, we recommend an orientation process tailored to suit you and your child’s needs.

After enrolling with us we offer an open-door policy for you and your child to come and visit, stay and play for as long as you feel comfortable. Often, this is for a period of time before your child actually starts care with us. You are welcome to come and spend time exploring the service, getting to know the educators and environment and allowing your child to play whilst you are still on the premises.

On enrolment we work with you to settle your child and feel confident to say goodbye comfortably to spend the day with us. We recommend shorter days to start with to help your little one settle and form a consistent and regular drip-off routine – always say goodbye and leave your child knowing we will endeavour to ensure they are happy, nurtured and secure. We will call you to let you know how your child is settling and you can call, pick-up, drop-off at any time.


The principal mission of Avoca Beach Preschool is to provide a place for all children to develop and learn at their own pace and time. For each child and family to feel included, supported and welcomed. To assist the children and families in preparing children for a lifelong love of inquiry, learning and strong sense of self.