At preschool we aim to provide food that is nutritious and fresh. We have a full-time cook to provide all our home-cooked meals.

Menu and dietary requirements

We offer Morning Tea, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea, with a late snack for children who are with us at 5pm and later.

Our meals are planned in accordance with Australian dietary guidelines, and we follow the ‘Munch and Move’ NSW Health initiative to support the healthy development to provide the recommended nutritional intake for children. We have been awarded a 5 star healthy rating for our menu.

Our weekly menu is displayed on a whiteboard above the sign-in tablet in the foyer – it rotates weekly over a 4 week period and each season. We always welcome and are open to suggestions and ideas for our menu.
Water and milk are available as drinks. We have a water bubbler for children to use. 

Dietary requirements

We plan and accommodate dietary requirements and intolerances and work with medical action plans to do so. We are a peanut free centre and ask that children do not consume peanut products before coming in to the service that day – we have an educator with peanut anaphylaxis.