The Bellbird Room

The Bellbird room is our learning environment for children 3.5 – 5.5 years of age.

‘’a home away from home’’

Our focus is to foster the developing skills of preschoolers through curiosity, investigation and co-learning. Our program is implemented by Early Years Teachers with goals for equipping children with social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills needed for a great start to formal school life. We hold strong the assessment of being ‘school ready’ is entirely holistic – being well-rounded and confident in personal identity, wellbeing communication, connecting with peers and others and fostering a strong disposition for learning are all factors that we consider and value for a child being ready for ‘big’ school. We endeavour to provide a place that children can develop all these skills within their own time and pace.

Through our learning program and planning, we scaffold literacy and numeracy concepts and work towards engaging in building skills for handwriting, name writing, letter and number recognition, mathematical understanding, creative skills and critical thinking. We promote creative arts with the use of different medias such as clay, paints, pastels and water colours and build musicality through song, dance and musical instruments. We foster wellbeing with daily yoga and mindfulness. We support children to have agency, become critical thinkers and have curiosity, whilst valuing empathy, compassion and respect for others and the world in which they live.